Security Researcher

Aamer Shah

Information is power; hacking is just a tool.

Career Timeline


This time it was OLA that hired me. Now I work here as a full time Security Engineer. I love the work and people here...
to be continued


I then moved on to TEMENOS, a software / product based organisation where I worked as a hacker and trained couple of folks over there. Then I switched to anther organisation.


Just 3 months into the training; I was selected as an Engineer at Mercedes Benz R & D India; a DAIMLER corp. I then worked with some of the best hackers in the country and and attended lots of trainings and workshops at exotic locations.


I finished my schooling from Burn Hall and college from BGSBU. Then my friend Fida asked me to come to Bangalore. I came via UDAAN; a central gov. funded scheme.

Professionally, I'm a hacker...


In my spare time I find security vulnerabilities on websites (like google) and softwares (like browsers) and report them. They pay me money for finding them. They pay in thousands (in $USD).

Website Developer | Security Researcher | Ethical Hacker | Photographer | Movie Maker | Martial Artist | Football player | Chess Grandmaster | Driving


I'm a guy with wheatish complexion and brown eyes. I'm 6 feet 1 inch tall and athletic build. I weigh around 70 KGs in case you want to know. As a martial artist; I am good with a 6 feet staff and knives. I love to play GTA Liberty City and San Andreas and CTFs. NFS MW 2005 is yet another thing in my list. I wanna own Chevrolet Camaro (the latest one): love the american muscle!


A word from close contacts


Fun loving guy with crazy hacking skills. Learnt a lot from you. 😜


Aman Choudhary

Iflah Khajawall


A man with a golden heart and crazy brain 😍


Mehvar Mushtaq

A good human with security prowess.



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Marathalli, Bangalore
KA, India


+1 515 337 9921


+91 888 40 333 69